You are in love! You are perfect for each other! Be one of those fortunate couples saying that 5, 10, 15, and 20 and 80 years from now! 

Have Fun! Be Proactive in establishing a strong foundation from the start!

Connections Counseling Services is particularly fortunate to have Chris Adams in Murray and Becky Bytheway Wengreen in Orem – particularly effective experts in Pre-marital and Just-married counseling. Both Chris and Becky use State-of-the-Art assessments revealing the specific dynamics in your union. They provide practical and experiential tools with specific insights tailored exactly for your observation, discussion, and practice…. in order to make what is good, great… and what is great, amazing.

No matter how things are now, you will be surprised at how much richer your union can be.

Family and Marriage Therapy in Utah

If You Want The Best In This Work,
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Chris Adams, AMFT

Chris Adams Therapist Utah

Becky Wengreen, MFTI

Rebecca Bytheway Family Therapist


This office is outstanding at all levels…both in counseling and in billing. They will sit with you and go over any questions you have and work with you if there is ever any kind of problem.

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