A former college athlete, Kayla brings an edge to therapy. Her greatest strength is motivating clients to reach their goals and to achieve the changes they have been hoping for. One client described her as “firm, yet gentle”. As much as she loves her clients, she doesn’t want to see them forever! She wants them to gain greater understanding, build healthy relationships, heal, and move forward with their lives. You can get through this.

Kayla knows from both personal and professional experience that although relationships can be a source of joy, sometimes they can be downright painful. While she is absolutely thrilled to see couples create happier, healthier relationships, she also has a great passion for helping parents engage with their teens in a more constructive, loving way. Whether your relationship needs to rebuild, recover, or start anew, Kayla has the knowledge and training to help you accomplish all three.

Additionally, Kayla understands what it is like to be a minority in a majority culture. She has had to find her own way—create her own path. That said, she has worked hard to live an authentic, congruent life in sync with her personal values. She would love to help you do the same. She has worked extensively with those questioning religion, sexuality, and their place in society. If you are looking for someone who understands the distress that can accompany being different, Kayla is a great fit.

Born and raised in Utah, Kayla has lived in both Hawaii and Australia. Her hobbies include Bikram yoga (because she is a glutton for punishment), playing the drums, cuddling with her adorable dog, and the occasional Netflix binge. She also enjoys learning about new cultures, trying new foods (Thai and Indian for the win!), and hiking or hitting the slopes on our beautiful mountains. Kayla is looking forward to helping you on your journey to find peace, healing, and happiness.

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