Jacob Bryson, AMFT Extern


Jacob-Bryson-AMFTJacob Bryson is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Extern.  The human mind is powerful and can bring much satisfaction and joy.  Unfortunately, it can also get off track and bring unhappiness, distress, and poor decision making.  We get stuck in a rut, we cling to harmful beliefs and behaviors, we seek relief in destructive ways, we desperately wish to be happier.  All this is part of being human and sometimes people need a little help feel better.   Bryson loves helping people understand why they think and feel the way they do,  give them hope and show them ways to feel better.

Jacob received a private education at Westminster College in Salt Lake.  After receiving his undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Philosophy, he attended Pepperdine University and received a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.  This gave him a knowledge of the many different types of therapy, as well as an understanding about which therapy is best for the needs of each client.

In 2013 he began his official work as a therapist.  Spending a few years working in clinics in Los Angeles, helping many diverse clients. One lesson that sticks out is that beneath depression, beneath anxiety, low self-esteem, troubled relationships and chronically bad choices, beneath most reasons why people seek therapy, there are formative experiences that influence how we think and feel.  With this simple truth in mind, he creates a warm environment, one in which his clients can safely work through all the positive and negative feelings created by their past and present.  It can be a difficult process, but it is worth the effort.

Romantic relationships are wonderful and as humans we need them on a very basic level.  Despite this need, it can be hard to make a relationship work.  Marriages can slowly lose their spark and both partners can be left wanting more.  Conversely, a marriage can degenerate into a seemingly endless  procession of contention and bitterness.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  If partners love each other and are willing to work, things can get better.  There are some therapists who specialize in transitioning to divorce and keeping an amicable relationship for the sake of the kids.  That kind of work is important but Jacob specializes in helping people stay together.  He wants his clients to have the happiness and satisfaction that can only be found when two partners freely give love and responsiveness to each other.  At times it may seem impossible to salvage the relationship but that perception is often just an illusion.  Why be lost in despair?  It is much better to hope, be patient, and to work for the relationship.

Jacob enjoyed Los Angeles, but loves Utah even more.  He resides here now with his wife, and two beautiful daughters.  He also loves to read, hike off-trail and watching TV with his wife.  He loves people, humor and being in session with his clients.

Jacob Bryson sees clients in the Provo office.

Call today to schedule and appointment with Jacob at 801.272.3420