JR Patterson, MFT Intern


IMG_4229John Patterson, (aka “JR”), is finishing up his master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Argosy University in Salt Lake City. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Business Management at Brigham Young University. JR has worked in many different capacities including directing running events throughout the country, and mentoring adolescent boys at youth treatment centers. He has always felt that his vocational calling was in the mental health field. 

JR specializes in working with individuals and families to build a positive sense of self-identity and helping them to create a culture of connection and unity based on trust and openness. Through his youth, JR had his own struggles that have brought a unique empathic view to his work. His goal is to help others to remove the shame of their own struggles and allow them to feel more comfortable with the parts of themselves that they don’t like to show others because he believes that vulnerability is what truly enables the healing process.

One of the guiding principles that JR follows is that all emotions are rooted in either fear or love. His desire is to help people to cultivate more love in their relationships, and more love and compassion for themselves. He believes that by better understanding this relationship, people can change the lens through which they see their lives. 

By honoring a client’s choice and respecting their personal beliefs and values, JR believes that his clients can come to understand who they are and then can make choices that will reflect what is best for them.

JR loves waterskiing, biking, rock climbing, yoga, reading, and watching Ted Talks. He is also a musician and uses music to spread messages of love and hope.

JR Patterson sees clients in the Provo office.

Call today to schedule and appointment with JR at (801) 272-3420