Ty R. Mansfield, LMFT


HeadshotTy is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who understands that humans are wired for connection and meaning and believes that most of our struggles in life are intimately tied to how we experience relationships with others or how we find purpose. Ty did his graduate work in Marriage and Family Therapy at Abilene Christian University (Masters) and Texas Tech University (currently a PhD candidate) and he has worked for almost 10 years in various capacities with individuals, couples, and families who have struggled with myriad issues, including anxiety, depression, marital distress and infidelity, sexual and religious identity conflicts, addiction, shame, poor coping mechanisms, and more.

His focus as a therapist is to guide clients in identifying patterns in their lives and relationships that are causing distress or keeping them from living in harmony with their values. Rather than looking at client issues in isolation, Ty takes a contextual, systemic, and holistic approach. His ultimate goal is to help clients foster deeper intimacy in their relationships and create greater joy in their lives. Ty has received specialized training in several therapeutic modalities, including Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), Gottman Method, Gestalt/experiential, Imago, Mindfulness-based, and Narrative therapies.

Ty also has extensive experience working with religious clients of LDS and other faith traditions who are struggling with conflicts between their sexual orientation and/or gender identity and their religious/spiritual beliefs and identity. He is a member of the Reconciliation and Growth Project, a dialogue group of mental-health professionals and academics who represent a wide spectrum of faith-based and liberal-conservative ideological positions on sexual orientation and gender identity. Together, with a shared commitment of two core principles of ethical mental health services—1) facilitate individual self-determination and 2) do no harm—they have been developing a “common ground” approach for working with clients who hold faith-based beliefs and who experience emotional distress related to same-sex attractions or non-traditional gender.

Ty enjoys playing racquetball, eating Thai food, and competing in triathlons. He loves to travel and has lived internationally in Japan, China, Israel/Palestine, and Egypt. He and his wife, Danielle, have four children and make their home in Provo, Utah.

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