Connections Program of Recovery for Pornography Recovery and Sexual Compulsivity

Learn in a safe and confidential environment from our team of experienced Licensed Therapists.

The Connections CPR ProgramWho: For men struggling with Pornography Addiction and/or Sexual Compulsions 
Where:  667 N.  1890 W.; Provo, UT 84601
When: March 15th, 2017 6:00 pm

Using CPR:

  • Find progressive freedom from unwanted sexual and romantic impulses
  • Re-kindle the beauty of marriage (whether married or unmarried)
  • Re-claim your daily walk with God
Connections understands and strikes at the roots of sexual compulsions – which are internal, relational, and spiritual – providing individual clients tailored tools that reach both mind and heart to achieve long-term peace and sobriety.”
– Daniel Caldwell, CMHC
“My addiction turned out to be an incredible gift.  Recovery was do-or-die  – for my marriage, my career, and perhaps my life.  I had no choice but recovery.   The problem – and the gift – was my discovery that full recovery required an entirely new way of being.  Applying the principles found in the CPR program, I now enjoy a level of functioning and peace I never thought possible when my recovery was only about trying to not act out anymore.”   

Read the Letter to Wives from CPR’s Director

Reserve your spot or ask questions by contacting our CPR Program Director at or 801-613-8277.


*This Seminar is the initial phase of CPR’s 4 phase program for sexual addiction and compulsion, which you would be welcome to continue at your discretion.