Having demonstrated a solid sobriety from sexual acting out behaviors, the person with problem sexual behavior is ready to do the more delicate work of healing shame, attachment, and other emotional issues that the addiction covered up.

Advanced Groups address underlying issues and also help individuals reinforce healthy lifestyle changes in order to keep the compulsion or addiction from reappearing in the future. Participants also learn how to improve their relationships with their spouse, children, extended family, co-workers, and friends.

In the spouse’s Advanced Group, participants work on healthy emotional expression, healing from trauma, decreasing shame, and improving their most important relationships. Spouses in Advanced Groups re-discover their best selves and build patterns for long-term healthy living. For both the person with problem sexual behavior and the spouse, Advanced Groups are a chance to practice living life without the constant threat of the compulsion or addiction and to secure what they gained from the Getting Started Workshop and Recovery Group.

Length and Times

Weekly meetings are 90 minutes long and meeting times are based on availability of participants. Advanced Groups last approximately 8-12 months, depending on individual needs.

Who Attends

Individuals who are struggling with pornography or other compulsive or addictive sexual behaviors. Spouses are also encouraged to attend separate spouses groups.


Participants are required to attend and complete the Getting Started Workshop and a Recovery Group before participating in an Advanced Group. Individuals graduate from a Recovery Group to an Advanced Group when they are personally ready.


The small group format continues with only 4 to 10 participants in each group. Individual work and processing are an even stronger emphasis in Advanced Groups. Spouses continue to meet separately, allowing them to delve more deeply into their personal work.


By now, continued active participation in the group process should be routine. Advanced Groups address the issues that underlie the compulsion or addiction, such as faulty core beliefs, trauma, and abuse. Once the addiction has been stopped and the underlying issues have been addressed, healthy lifestyle changes are reinforced in order to keep addiction from reappearing. For couples in the program, this is the time to practice their new ways of relating with each other and to refine the boundary training they have received in the first two phases. Once again, expect to work hard and expand beyond your comfort zone. This is where the true lifestyle change occurs that ensures lasting recovery.


The cost varies based on your needs and interests. The programs below are available.

    • $345 Couples program (per month*)
      * Includes 4 weekly meetings; $430 for months with 5 weeks
    • $180 Individual program (per month*)
      * Includes 4 weekly meetings; $225 for months with 5 weeks

Student Program (Student ID required to qualify. Couples qualify with 1 ID)

    • $315 Couples program (per month*)
      * Includes 4 weekly meetings; $394 for months with 5 weeks
    • $165 Individual program (per month*)
      * Includes 4 weekly meetings; $206 for months with 5 weeks