Find connection with those that understand.

In the LDS world a mission is a sort of rite of passage. It is something many young LDS men have been planning for since they were three or four years old. From primary on up we are told how important it is and how it will be the basis for a strong spiritual life in the future. But what about when things don’t go according to this plan. What happens when I can’t serve in the capacity I had always dreamed or had to come home early for whatever reason? Many young men faced with this are riddled with confusion, shame, feelings of failure, embarrassment, and feeling they are not fit for a spiritual life. At connections counseling services we have worked with many young men who have been through situations like these and have helped these men to find satisfaction and fulfillment with the situation their lives provided them.

When dealing with this particular experience it is easy to feel that you are alone. That every other guy around was “capable” or “worthy” to serve a full two years. The truth is that many men for various reasons came home early and it is satisfying to know you are not alone. For this reason Connections Counseling Services is facilitating groups for early returned missionaries in order for these men to find connection with those who understand, be able to talk about their experience in a safe environment, work through negative stories they have about themselves and eventually move past the negativity and sadness they are feeling. These groups will utilize a variety of techniques, including group trust activities, deep emotional release work, psychodrama, visualizations, and group discussions in order to help facilitate healing and growth.

These groups will be led by Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Daniel Caldwell, who specializes in working with young adult men who are dealing with various difficulties early adulthood can bring, including relationships, addictions, career counseling etc.

This group will run for 12 weeks, starting on January 17th, 2017.

In order to register for the group or to discuss cost and payment plans please call (801) 272-3420 or email

Please email for questions about the actual group structure and treatment.