Becky Wengreen’s (MFTI) professional experience is informed by decades of life experience.

Becky-Wengreen MFTIShe fully understands women’s issues including parenting, motherhood, anxiety, trauma, divorce and depression. She also enjoys working with youth, children, couples and blended families.

Becky also has a passion for the mate selection process and romantic interaction, applying state-of-the-art theories to her clinical and personal experience to help ensure happy, stable and lasting unions.

Having graduated with a Behavioral of Science degree in psychology from Utah Valley University, Becky is finishing her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Argosy University.

She believes people are innately resilient and able to conquer hard things as they find their worthiness and continue to believe there is hope and healing on the other side of pain. She hopes to instills in her clients both the desire and practical tools to find their inner strength to fight and win back peace and joy.

Becky enjoys date nights at Home Depot, home improvement projects, swimming pools, gardening and being outdoors. She and her husband have 6 children and live in the Mapleton area. Read articles by Becky here.

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