Duane Domino, MFTI

Duane is passionate about working with couples, families, and individuals. He has extensive training in improving parent-child relationships. During the past couple years, Duane has been instrumental in developing and delivering educational programming on healthy relationships to all Middle and High Schools in Summit and Wasatch Counties.

Duane’s work has extended from significant mental health and family dynamics associated with the legal system, inpatient settings, to substance abuse in outpatient settings, to more common marital, family, and individual concerns.

Duane’s background has given him the passion for and experience working with individuals, couples, and families from diverse ethnicities, faiths, and sexuality. Duane was born in Orange County, California to military parents and moved to San Diego to complete high school. He moved from the steady weather of San Diego to the changing environment of Michigan after high school. Duane met his wife in Michigan which explains why he lived there for over 15 years. Duane worked and lived in Flint, MI as a social worker prior to making the move to Utah in 2010. The plan was to attend graduate school at BYU for two years and move back to Michigan. He and his wife were overruled by their 5 children when it was time to move back and so they have learned to call Utah home.

Duane enjoys spending time playing basketball but has learned that softball is a much safer sport. He loves to go camping with his family and friends as long as an air mattress is involved. Duane has been known to surprise his children with a few dance moves. He really enjoys the lazy Sundays when his family is gathered together and his adult children go “shopping” in his pantry and refrigerator.

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