For Sexually Addicted and Compulsive Men

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Sexual and Pornography Addiction Therapy in Utah

CPR is for compulsive men & their wives facing the effects of:

  • Sexual Addictions & Compulsions
  • Infidelity
  • Relationship Trauma resulting from these betrayals

CPR is different than traditional talk therapy in that it also provides experiences that anchor the learning to long-term emotional healing. Our licensed therapists are trained in Patrick Carne’s CSAT work as well as several other trainings specific to this issue.

Sexual intimacy can be one of the most elevating and joyous of human experiences. But for many, sexuality has become a source of guilt, conflict, and enslavement.

Sexual compulsions and addictions are a widespread problem in modern society. Men, women, and even children are becoming caught in diverse compulsive or addictive sexual behaviors.

These behaviors include the use of pornography, compulsive masturbation, electronic devices for “virtual sex,” sexual or emotional infidelity, anonymous sex, dangerous or illegal sexual practices, and sexual fetishes. These sexual problems may be oriented toward the opposite sex, the same sex, or both.

Our computer culture creates countless counterfeit connections, leaving us empty and compulsively drawn to temporary highs.  Connections uses specific methods of recovery to help you consistently reconnect with real people, your God, and His creations and purpose for you.  We help establish the roots of a fulfilling life and satisfying relationships. Connections with the real facilities; disconnection from the unreal.

How We Can Help

Healing from sex addiction in utah county and salt lake countyThe foundation of a good recovery program is the effective application of proven methods within the security of non-judgmental and compassionate therapeutic relationships. With that foundation, virtually anything can be accomplished.

Based on that foundation, CPR’s specific approach to recovery from sexual compulsion and addiction involves an introduction and three phases:

Introduction: A three-hour overview of some of the essential recovery elements for husbands and wives.

Phase I. 40 Days. Includes working through our extensive Starter Kit and Facing the Shadows Groups

Phase II. 90 Days. Includes Recovery Zone 1 Group work with special emphasis on creating ongoing patterns

Phase III. 90 Days.  Includes transformational group work that addresses the underlying emotional patterns and thinking patterns that can result in relapse.

While inpatient treatment programs range in cost from $6,000 to $19,000 per month, our program is not only effective, but also extremely cost efficient.

Our program includes the five elements associated with long-term recovery in 95% of cases.

The time, life, and reality-based focus that is regained by graduates of the Connections Program of Recovery facilitates you and your spouse becoming transitional persons that can enjoy peace now and pass on healing and healthy relationships to future generations. Begin this process today in a safe, confidential setting.


My experience with Connections has been incredible. In the months since I’ve started therapy, I feel more capable of dealing with life, more confident in myself as a man, and more hopeful that I’ll be able to overcome my addictions. Thank you!


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