Sex addiction help in provo and salt lake

Recognizing and admitting that you need help with your sexual behavior can be a difficult and frightening process that many people avoid for years. The fact that you are looking at this page may mean you are ready to know and to do something about it.

Before jumping to the list below, please be assured that no matter how many of the items below apply to you, there is a way out. Many who have been down this road before you have found that they couldn’t do it alone. We are here to walk you through the process and help you regain control of your life and sexual behavior.

Do Any Of These Apply To You?
  • You’ve unsuccessfully tried to stop certain sexual behaviors.
  • You feel like no one will understand your problem and you feel alone.
  • You keep some of your sexual behaviors a secret.
  • You’ve lost control of your sexual behaviors and have done things you told yourself you would never do.
  • You’ve lost or damaged a relationship because of your sexual behaviors.
  • You have problems at work caused by your sexual behaviors, such as missing work, low productivity, probation, or being fired.
  • You spend less time with friends or family than you used to because of sexual behavior.
  • You feel emotionally distant from loved ones.
  • You have financial problems because of your sexual behavior.
  • You are living two separate lives.
  • Your partner is hurt and is contemplating separation or divorce.
  • You sometimes experience erectile dysfunction due to excessive masturbation or pornography use.
  • You feel guilty, anxious, or depressed about how your sexual behaviors are impacting your life.
  • Your sexual behavior has caused, or could cause, legal action to be taken against you.
  • Pornography use and masturbation have become a normal and regular part of your routine.
  • You’ve started looking for prostitutes, massage parlors, or escorts.
  • You have a profile on an Internet sex site.
  • You’ve recognized that you need help but don’t know where to find it.

If you identify even a few of the above statements as being true, it may be an indication that you are one of the millions of people who have become caught in a sexual addiction.

You are not alone. Sexual addiction is negatively affecting millions of people!

Our computer culture creates countless counterfeit connections, leaving us empty and compulsively drawn to temporary highs.  Connections uses specific methods of recovery to help you consistently reconnect with real people, your God, and His creations and purpose for you.  We help establish the roots of a fulfilling life and satisfying relationships. Connections with the real facilities; disconnection from the unreal. 

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Things You Need to Know
  • You are not alone!
  • You need the help and support of others to recover and heal.
  • Sexual addiction can be as severe and difficult to overcome as an addiction to hardcore drugs such as heroine, alcohol, or LSD.
  • The trauma and emotional pain you have caused your loved ones, especially your partner, is very real and powerful.  Your partner needs to recover and heal as well.  CLICK HERE to learn more about what your partner may be experiencing!
  • If you are addicted to sexual behavior, there is a lot of hard work ahead of you. But becoming free from the addiction will be well worth the struggle and sacrifice.
  • You can recover and heal your life.
  • Abstinence is not recovery. Recovery is lifestyle change.

Addictions thrive on secrets!

Most people with an addiction live life like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, trying to manage two distinct and incompatible personalities. One personality may be an ideal spouse, parent, child, or employee. He or she may be an active and devout church member and citizen in the community. But the other personality is an addict who engages in sexual behavior that violates their values. Keeping these two lives from crossing is a great challenge and keeping the secret life concealed may be a never-ending battle.

The families of people with addictions are typically expected to help keep the secret. So they get pulled into the Jekyll and Hyde life with their loved one, pretending that life is going just fine and that things in the family are functioning perfectly.

But secrets are a fuel for addiction. Secrets are caused by shame and secrets intensify shame. Most professionals who work with addicted people recognize shame as being a core cause of addiction. Overcoming addiction requires healing shame, which in turn necessitates becoming free from the secrets.

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