Important Qualities a Family Counselor Should Have

Healing from sex addiction in utah county and salt lake countyA family counselor is a mental health expert who deals with behavioral issues and conflicts involving the members of the family. This kind of professional has the capability to work in an individual basis or in a group setting. There are some counselors who pay more attention on resolving issues among married couples.

For a family counselor to become effective and efficient in dealing with different family problems, they need to possess the following qualities:

  • Empathetic – Despite of the fact that this quality is too obvious however every counselor should have the particular kind of empathy. He or she should have the capability to effectively balance empathy with accountability. Saying or feeling sorry for his or her client is not enough because if you are a good counselor, you will also hold your client accountable for their actions. You have to remember the fact that you are there to provide him help and let them grow. You are not their friends who side along them against all odds.
  • Comfort with ambiguity – In most cases, counselors don’t really see the results of their works. For example, the results of counseling are occasionally slanted or biased due to the fact that the results are usually presented thru client self-report, some of the clients are no longer returning for the final session, which provides closure. In this case, a family therapist should feel comfortable in every situation that comes since they will not always get all the needed facts.
  • Believes their capacity to foster change – A good family counselor should believe that individuals can, and do change. They can also provide optimism as well as hope for those who have none. On the other hand, a great therapist is not blindly optimistic buy rather realistic about the processes involved in promoting changes and can help the client in setting attainable goals and aspirations in life.
  • Good boundaries – Everyone knows that counseling is a profession which is accompanied with higher risk of burnout. So, if you are one of those individuals who finds it hard to define your boundaries as well as in maintaining it all the way, expect that your counseling years will be limited. A family counselor that has good boundaries possesses the following:
  • A counselor with good boundaries understands all his limitations and can say “No” if necessary in a firm however in a kind manner.
  • He also knows where his responsibility for change processes ends and where his clients start.
  • A family therapist should also have the capability to establish procedures and policies, applies and practices them consistently.

These are just few of the qualities that a great family counselor should possess. Some of these qualities will be enhanced during their education as well as practicums. To find out more about our family counselors and services visit our marriage and family therapy pages.

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