Drew Vernick, LCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Drew is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and transitioned to Salt Lake City, Utah, in the summer of 2021. His career in human services started in 2017 as a volunteer at a psychiatric hospital. Drew eventually worked up the field to achieve a master’s degree in clinical social work from Kennesaw State University. Drew developed a passion for psychotherapy, emphasizing existential and spiritual psychology. Having an undergraduate in philosophy, Drew received education on world religion, spirituality, and the fundamental questions of reality. He developed a blend of interpersonal talk therapy, mindfulness, and meditative sound therapy that helps individuals transcend the narratives that have kept them stuck in recurring maladaptive patterns. Drew has years of experience working with substance addictions, behavioral addictions, trauma, relationship strain, and spiritual issues. 


Drew comes from a family of musicians and incorporates his musical ability into a unique style of sound therapy. Drew uses a collection of crystal singing bowls, native-style flutes, drums, chimes, and rattles to create a sound immersion experience. Drew guides clients through mindfulness skills, breathwork, and body-centered scanning with various sounds to access the subconscious directly. Drew feels the goal of therapy should be to find one’s highest self. 


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