The Teen Girls Group

Group Therapy for Teen Girls

The teen girls group is facilitated by Jessica Judd, LCSW who is passionate about supporting teenagers in their journey towards being successful, happy, individuals. Group members are able to connect with others of their age group that have experienced similar challenges and get both professional and peer support. Groups are typically between 6-12 girls ranging in age from 13-18 years old.

Groups have a variety of topics that are often inspired by the needs of group members, including: self-esteem, coping with anxiety/depression, family dynamics, difficulties in social circles, communication skills, self-advocacy, body image, self-harm, trauma processing, and the many other challenges that teens face. Learning activities are facilitated by the therapist each week and group discussions about personal topics are encouraged.

Groups are established every 8 weeks with pre-registration required. Group sessions are held once per week and are two hours in duration.

Call to learn more or register for the Teen Girls Group at 801.272.3420


Connections is amazing! It is so comforting to know that there is GOOD and LIFE CHANGING help out there, and that there are therapists willing to walk with you through the pain of it all rather than just nodding their heads and charging you lots of money.

Call to learn more or register for the Teen Girls Group at 801.272.3420