Becky Hinchcliff, CSW

Becky Hinchcliff is fascinated by other humans and what makes them who they are. Consequently, she studied Family Life with an emphasis in Human Development at Brigham Young University and graduated with her Master’s in Social Work from Utah State University. Becky has worked in the mental health and social work fields for close to a decade with an aim to support clients in their self discovery, individual growth, and psychological health/well-being as they process the effects of past and current life experiences by considering their personal strengths, needs, and culture. 
Becky particularly enjoys working with adolescents, young adults, and their families. She is well exposed to the latest developments in trauma-informed practices and enjoys discovering with clients the layers of their psyche through talk and experiential practices. Becky is credentialed in high-fidelity wraparound and trained in mind-body-bridging, cinematherapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. 
In her intentional free time, Becky enjoys a good story in any format (books, movies, songs, tv shows, jokes, etc.), being active outdoors in the sunshine, traveling, reviving her waning Dutch proficiency, and surrounding herself with all the fresh cut flowers she can afford. She is most proud of her awesome aunt status and capacity for an abundance of friendships. 

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