Christopher D. Adams is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist LMFT, CSAT-Candidate, RDX-S and Administrative Director at Connections Counseling Services.

He has worked extensively with Marriages, Families, and individuals. His practice has grown almost exclusively from word-of-mouth referrals from happy clients.

During the past several years of his practice, Chris has been instrumental in developing marriage and family treatment more effectively targeting and addressing underlying themes and emotional patterns. This model incorporates, but goes beyond traditional talk therapy – being more experience based. The result has been more effective and longer lasting results. Hence his quickly growing practice – in spite of working more time-efficiently with each marriage and family.

Chris’s work has extended from very significant mental health and family dynamics in inpatient settings, to more common marital, family, and individual concerns, to simply enhancing happy marriages.

Chris has a particular love of supporting and helping couples and families. He enjoys helping parents and children live and work together. He finds joy in helping couples as they learn to live and grow together through life’s many challenges. Chris is excited to be a part of the Connections Clinic and the collaboration and growth resulting from working with other particularly effective professionals.

Chris was raised in northern Utah and when not at the clinic, you will most likely find him out-of-doors with his beautiful wife Natalie and son Dalton. Read articles by Chris here.

Call today to schedule and appointment with Chris at 801.272.3420