Katherine Garcia, ACMHC – Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor

My Perspective: “I am more than the sum of things which have happened to me. I have the free will to choose who I am.” – C.G. Jung

Everyone has their story in this life filled with unique experiences. I am interested in hearing, listening, and working with you through the accounts of your story. From the moment you walk through our doors, I am invested in gaining a better understanding of you and your experiences through your eyes. As we work together, you will find that we will use these accounts as the foundation of our therapeutic process and that understanding your story will pave the way for growth to blossom.

Who I Am: I am a Mental Health Counseling Intern actively seeking to empower individuals, facilitate growth, understand emotions, rationalize thoughts, and embrace perspective in the therapy room. As a recent graduate, you can expect my motivation for and attention to our work to be optimal. I describe myself as a directive therapist with the ability to set goals and maintain structure, without compromising feelings of comfort in the room. I’m a firm believer that without comfort and good rapport, the integrity and effectiveness of therapy are limited.
Additionally, I am incredibly empathetic, down to earth, and highly communicative with others, which I believe are some of the most fundamental qualities for establishing rapport and displaying unconditional positive regard.

Clinical Client Experience: In the past, I have worked with various populations including adults, students, couples, trauma survivors, and minorities (including ethnicities and LGBTQI+ communities). Through my clinical experience, my desire for the field has only grown, which is why I aim to continue my work with these populations to propel my growth, my experience, and my expertise. One thing to consider while working with various populations is that all clients are unique; therefore, it is important to meet you where you are at. Therapy can seem like a scary thing sometimes, and that is okay. Something to acknowledge is that this emotion is part of the process in therapy. Therefore, my focus is to be present with you through this process and help guide you through your feelings so that we may increase understanding, awareness, and create our opportunities for positive change.

More About Me: I LOVE spending time outdoors. Utah is known for its scenic beauty! When I’m not in the office, I am likely hiking, running, photographing, and/or drawing what I see in nature. I am also a big “foodie”, love music, and am often with my dog.


• Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Florida State University
• Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Florida State University with emphasis on trauma
• Specialist Degree in Counselor Education from Florida State University

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