Learn in a safe and confidential environment from our team of experienced Licensed Therapists.

Healing from Sexual InfidelityWho: Any married (or engaged) couple who wants to work on their marriage.
When:  From 7-9 pm the second and fourth Thursday of every month
Where:  111 E 5600 S #304; Murray, UT 84107

Bring you and your spouse for a twice-a-month couples group. Every second and fourth Thursday we will have a fun and informative experience that will give you tools to improve your marriage and share experiences with other couples.
This group is open to any couple who are interested in improving their marriage. Each group will bring a combination of activities, exercises, and information. Each session we will provide up-to-date information and tools that have been shown by clinical research to be among the most effective techniques for improving communication, sexual intimacy, and dealing with disagreements over money, child-raising, in-laws, and more.
Group therapy is more cost effective than individual therapy, and can often be just as effective as individual therapy, especially when combined with individual therapy.