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Depression and Anxiety in Recovery

By August 10, 2016 No Comments

You may have heard that as we recover we feel better.  We feel resentment better, we feel anxiety better, we feel depression better…..  This is because we are not medicating our emotions and now get to learn to master reality with our Higher Power’s help.  In the meantime, depression and anxiety are bodily/chemical events –  NOT something that has accurate information about who we are  – other than to remind us to seek God.   I find Evil tries to play on the body’s chemical habits and events to tempt us to feel bad about past (depression) or worried about our future (anxiety).  If messages you receive aren’t  from the Spirit of your Higher Power (that you are learning to recognize by praying to Him) they don’t need to be trusted.  It doesn’t help anything to see yourself as less than you hoped for at this point, or to worry what your girlfriend might be thinking, for example.   

Keep up the good work, be sober TODAY.