Marriage and Family Therapy

Connections is a core of carefully selected Professional Counselors with a shared vision to best facilitate the healing, capacity, and happiness to our clients and their families.

Healing a marriage after it has been broken is not an easy task. The pain and anguish that comes from being misunderstood, blamed, ignored or abandoned by the one person with whom you believed you would always be safe can be devastating. Navigating those turbulent waters can seem impossible and you may even find yourself wondering if it is even worth it.

Caring ProfessionalFor those of you who have been here and know what I am talking about, I am sorry that you are hurting. We at Connections Counseling Service understand how deep the pain can be and are trained to help you not only deal with that pain but to also help you and your partner to grow back into love again.

Our program will use a combination of Love Maps, Research and Homework assignments to help you and your partner reengage in your marriage. Upon that framework, we will teach you skills of communication to help you and your spouse to open up and be authentic while coming to know that your partner will respect and support you as you open up to them.

Making your marriage a Healing and Enhancing experience takes work, trust, love and respect. At Connections CS we will work hard to help you and your spouse to regain what was lost and build the bridges that will make it possible to start to love again.

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