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Do you feel a need to escape?

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Do you feel a need to escape?  Pornography Statistics

T.V. Series are super fun and give a bit of escape for my wife and I from time-to-time.

In my recovery, I did start noticing that the same emptiness that sometimes invited me to escape into tv – especially when by myself – was the same emptiness that invited me into lust.  I wanted a bit of escape from being in my head and have that emptiness filled…again, especially when I was tempted to watch tv all by myself, rather than doing it as a bit of bonding with family or friends.   Does that sound familiar?

Now I recognize this emptiness as a God-Hunger, and when I am tempted to watch T.V. or otherwise fill it with media sensation (and even the news is sensation-oriented anymore)  I often stop and kneel down and try to connect with God and his will for what he would have me do at the time, and I listen.

Whenever I do this I almost always find a sudden clarity on something important that needs to be done and a motivation and impulse to go that different direction – one that ends up being fulfilling to me and actually helpful to others.

Has any one else experienced this simple transformation to the much more satiating feeling God offers – when otherwise tempted to escape into media?