Shannon Elite, AMFT – AFCC Informed, Parenting Coordinator Certified

Shannon EliteOriginally from Northern California, Shannon wanted to raise her children in a more family friendly environment and took the leap to Utah 15 years ago.

Before moving to Utah, Shannon graduated from California State University, Fresno, with a degree in Social Work. She was involved in social activism and worked with pregnant and parenting teens in gangs in Fresno. This experience with different cultures and demographics guides Shannon in her approach to therapy. Shannon is sensitive to dynamics within the family and culture, including the religious culture in Utah.

Shannon continued to work with families and youth to strengthen attachment bonds and family structure. She has extensive experience in evidence-based approaches to stabilize families and parent-child relationships. Shannon has experience with trauma survivors, abuse and neglect victims and perpetrators, substance use, and youth in the legal system. She especially enjoys youth with oppositional behavior and emerging mental health conditions. If you are one of these parents, your family can heal and be happy.

Shannon has continued her education earning a Management and Public Administration degree to effect change from the administrative realm through advocacy. However, the passion for working with families was too hard to resist and Shannon returned to school at Northcentral University to pursue Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialty in Child and Adolescent therapy.

Currently, Shannon and her husband have 8 children and 1 grandchild. Her blended family has given her unique insight into single parenting, step-parenting, and couple dynamics. Down time for Shannon includes fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, and crafting.
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