Dear Recovering Man,  

Is there are a part of you that believes that just the right attractive woman or man will simply and amazingly take care of everything you ever yearned for – motivating all that is good within you?  Two things in this world are deceptive in this way: Riches and Beauty.   They are God substitutes.

As you continue to consistently surrender lust, the new kind of capacity and love you have started to experience will grow in you.  Then you will be ready to express your sexuality in marriage with a beautiful woman of your choice – because then you will know how to love!  You will have God and so not be dependent on either your woman or your fantasy of romance.  You will be a provider to her of good things – and she will love you back….it is a divine triangle.  

First, your foundation…keep surrendering the deception of lust…by growing stronger and stronger in your higher power and firmer and firmer in reality.