One thing I want to emphasize, because it is not easy,  but it makes a big difference and is sometimes critical;  use your telephone to call guys who are also in the program.  Addicts typically hate to make calls.  It is one of those things that those who are recovering do that those who are not recovering neglect.  Lust builds up and by surrendering it to another human being as well as to God, it neutralizes its effects…calls are huge with this as well as teaching us a thousand things about connection that is valuable practice.  

Would you commit to  making at least three phone calls per week to a recovering man, and to continue to text as well, in order to surrender temptation and make connections?   

So many with more than two months of recovery begin to feel slightly complacent – like they perhaps have “got it now.”   Yet it is amazing  how cunning baffling and powerful lust is at getting into the little access holes we can leave for it if we are not careful  watchful and prayerful.