It wasn’t simply working the program itself that had an effect on healing and real connection for me  – but  largely it was in the act of demonstrating a willingness to submit consistently to a program – any decent program of recovery.   This was a huge relief to me when it suddenly broke into my awareness!   In other words I gave up my will to God in the only way I could comprehend at the time – go to my weekly meetings, do my daily reading and writing,  pray, and surrender lust to recovering friends.  Now I could rest assured and confident and simply watch the miracles.   

That is it – God does the rest.  The surgeon cuts, God heals.  We water and nourish the plant, God sees that it grows.   The program may shift from time to time as we, in consultation, see a need, or we move to another phase, but now that is the program we work … and we should be careful and prayerful to never make our program to easy or too oppressive – but to mostly just follow counsel of others before us.

Too easy, but we look beyond the mark…we  sometimes resist simply looking and living.  The recovering man consistently does what the man not recovering is not willing to do – the program.