Prayer is something that the addict might have not had good experiences with or feels that God hasn’t listened in the past.  Sometimes, our old concepts of prayer  – our approach and attitude and concept of our God etc., need to be modified so we can practice a new kind of connection and reality with our Father.  

I thought I knew how to pray, but have found I learn more and more about it in the  doing of it.    Even when I am not in formal prayer, I make an effort to speak to God and watch for the connection and see what works and what doesn’t in terms of my attitude and approach.  In the meantime, I exercise faith He is hearing me in spite of the imperfection of my communication.   I need a lot of prayer during the day to combat the creeping tendency to resent or feel like a victim.  Prayer helps me connect to a healthier ongoing reality and to love others rather than having a focus on myself.