I struggled with self-forgiveness for a long time. I found I had to learn to trust that God would see to it that I would become stronger and stronger as I simply did my part in following a program of recovery. That in the meantime, God did love me and that I was acceptable to Him in spite of my imperfections….imperfections that He was working on in His time and way. You may find, like me, that when you are doing well, evil is present with you, telling you you are not doing it good enough or that you are lacking. This is a voice to surrender – not believe! Can’t you imagine the devil – seeing you do well and resenting it. Wanting to tell you you are screwing it up…trying to keep you “in your place.” Listen to that still small voice telling you you are good, your efforts are noticed, you are a beloved son – and you don’t have to live beneath your privilege as His own Son anymore!